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Our school has over a thousand pupils. Entering fees receipts used to be a lot of hard work before we acquired our School Accounting Software from Software for Schools Kenya Ltd. We used to enter the receipts and expense records as a team of two. But this software has made the work so easy that I even released my assistant to work in another department. I comfortably enter the data alone in much less time than we used to do it as two people. Besides that, all the errors that we used to make when using the manual systems are now virtually non-existent.


Bursar, Molo Academy Primary School, Nakuru County.

Before we bought the School Timetables Software from Software for Schools Kenya Ltd, we had very serious challenges where coming up with timetables was concerned. We used to do it as a committee using a large board and still, we encountered countless errors and collisions. It used to take us at least a week to come up with timetables especially since our school has a population of over one thousand and eight hundred pupils. I still find it unbelievable that using the School Timetables Software, we can generate all the timetables in less than five minutes.

Mrs Mburu

Dean of Studies, Moi Complex Nyeri Primary School, Nyeri County.

Sending messages to staff and parents used to be a real hustle. We used to do it using phones, copying one message and pasting it when sending it to a different number. The repetitive work was hard and very monotonous. The errors were many especially when you had to send different messages to different recipients. All that is now in the past since we acquired the Bulk SMS Software from Software for Schools Kenya. Now sending hundreds or thousands of messages takes seconds and selecting different relevant messages for different recipients takes minutes.


Teacher, ST Lukes Yatta, Kitui County.

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